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07/22/2009 15:52

Romans (Part 08) - Chapter 8

The first two verses of Romans 8 actually conclude the thought of Romans 7. In chapter 7, Paul has lamented the fact that although we died in/with Christ (Romans 6:3)—which means we are both dead to sin (6:2) and dead to the law (7:4)—he still finds that “the evil [he does] not want is what [he...


07/22/2009 15:49

Romans (Part 07) - Chapter 7

Romans 7 begins with an analogy. Paul has just argued in Romans 6 that those who belong to God, although not under the Law, are nevertheless servants of Christ and righteousness. Paul's analogy in the first 6 verses of chapter 7 is meant to drive the point home. But there may be some confusion as...


07/22/2009 15:38

Romans (Part 06b) - Covenant Theology

I wanted to talk about Covenant Theology before continuing in Romans so as to establish a framework for some of the things we had focused on in the first six chapters as well as for upcoming discussions in the middle chapters of Romans. My definition of a biblical covenant is this: an absolute...


07/19/2009 16:40

Revelation (Part 01): Introduction

There can be no pretending—Revelation is difficult to understand. Its difficulty rests not only in its genre—apocalyptic literature in which sign and symbol are intended as the means to develop the story/theme—but also in the fact that of apocalyptic works, Revelation is at an extreme end,...