About Us

The purpose of TruthWHYS is, as the name implies, to determine, deliver, and defend the reasons (the WHYs) for the truths of God and his Word--the Bible. At TruthWHYS we cling to the Word of God as inspired by God and authoritative for living lives in relationship to God. Our Statement of Core Beliefs rests firmly on Scripture, and we seek to ensure that all our additional doctrines and biblical interpretations maintain solid footing in God's Word.

Although we maintain this outlook, we do realize that many other individuals, churches, and organizations who claim the same hold on biblical fidelity often differ on numerous issues. While truth is to be found in the Bible, the backgrounds, focused perspectives, and presuppositions that we all bring to our reading at times tend to skew proper interpretation. That is the point for a website such as this. Our goal is clear: we want the truth. We believe that reasoned discussion among fellow believers provides opportunity to broaden perspective and thus help ensure that we hold to the proper path toward our goal.

We invite you to look around the website. Our Core Beliefs (those "mere Christianity" fundamentals that unite us in Christ) will provide you with an understanding of our foundation. The other articles and features build from that basis as we attempt to grow closer to our Lord and to each other in the family of God.


Our Fundamentals


We Believe . . .

That the Bible, both the Old and the New Testaments, is the divinely inspired, infallible, and authoritative Word of God;

That God is one Essence in three Persons;

That God, being perfect, is eternal, infinite, and immutable;

That Satan, a real being created by God, through self-aggrandizement, has rejected God as source and definition of truth, goodness, and beauty, and by so doing has made himself in all respects thoroughly evil, and thus God's enemy;

That humankind was created in the image of God with conceptual intelligence, moral consciousness, perceptive aesthetic, volitional faith, spiritual hope, and relational love;  

That humankind in its ancestral head (source), Adam, sinned, causing a necessary separation from God and a sinful nature that is passed through procreation to all humankind, thus producing not only a share in the guilt of original sin, but also the propensity to sin, resulting in the condemnation of all to a Godless eternity in Death;

That a person is incapable through any work of his own to attain or merit a reconciliation with God and, therefore, salvation from his eternal destiny in Death;

That Christ Jesus is fully God in all His attributes;

That Christ Jesus was made fully man through his incarnation;

That Christ Jesus came into the earth born of a virgin and therefore without the sin nature inherited from Adam;

That although tempted in all points as humankind, Christ Jesus lived His life on earth free from sin;

That based on His sinless life, Christ Jesus worthily died on the cross as a sin offering, paying the penalty for the image bearers' broken covenant relationship with God;

That Christ Jesus, because of His retained holiness, was resurrected from the dead and now sits at the right hand of the Father making intercession for the saved of humankind;

That the redemption accomplished by Christ Jesus' atoning work provided the means by which God's image bearers could be rescued from sin and inherited death;

That to receive this redemptive grace for spirit resurrection, an image bearer has to respond to God's revelation of gospel grace in faith and thus receive the righteous justification of the Rescuer Christ Jesus;  

That once made righteous, the image bearer receives the Holy Spirit as a sign and seal of new covenant relationship with God, thereby becoming God's adopted child through Christ Jesus;

That, as Christ Jesus promised, He will return again to earth at God’s appointed time to finally eradicate sin through the physical resurrection of his covenant people along with the heavens and earth, at which time God's restored image bearers will, with God, enjoy an everlasting and perfect love relationship in the glory of God.