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01/17/2011 14:12

A Fundamentalist Christian Literary Analysis of the Transformation Narratives in Luke-Acts

Dissertation - Caren Silvester.docx (191,6 kB)


08/06/2014 08:16

Adam – Were They the First Human?

In follow up to Genesis 5:1, which tells us that God created adam (Hebrew), verse 2 says that God “created them male and female,” and “when they were created, He blessed them and called them adam.” Most Christians today understand the meaning as referring first to the male whose name became Adam,...


11/17/2010 12:38

Apologetics: Copleston-Russell Debate (1948) - Part 1 The Argument from Contingency

Father Frederick C. Copleston (Jesuit Catholic priest) versus Bertrand Russell (agnostic philosopher, picture right) This debate was a Third Program broadcast of the British Broadcasting Corporation in 1948. Reprinted in several sources, the following is from Bertrand Russell On God and Religion...


11/23/2010 16:48

Apologetics: Copleston-Russell Debate (1948) - Part 2 The Religious Experience and Moral Argument

RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE C: Let's. Well, perhaps I might say a word about religious experience, and then we can go on to moral experience. I don't regard religious experience as a strict proof of the existence of God, so the character of the discussion changes somewhat, but I think it's true to say...


10/28/2010 11:47

Baptism 1 - Response to Stuart Latimer's Christian Baptism series, sermon 1

Sermon 1 – Sprinkling v. Immersion   Response by Dan Salter:   I must begin by stating my agreement with Pastor Latimer on the acceptance of an individual’s baptism whether by immersion, sprinkling, or pouring. I differ with...


10/28/2010 11:49

Baptism 2 - Response to Stuart Latimer's Christian Baptism series, sermon 2

Sermon 2 – Infant Baptism   Response by Dan Salter:   In his second sermon on Christian Baptism, Pastor Latimer’s argument for infant baptism hinges on two major points with which I disagree. His first point concerns paedobaptism’s...


11/14/2009 12:26

Church Constitution - New Covenant Chapel

  Constitution New Covenant Chapel Greenville, SC   Preamble   Recognizing God’s grace by which we live here and eternally and desiring to glorify God through relationship with him and with others of biblical and Christian faith, in praise of our great God, Lord Christ, and...