Kinship Theology

09/11/2015 14:37

A Brief Introduction

Christianity in the world grew from the 2nd to 3rd centuries into the Christendom of the Middle Ages. Christendom through the RC church, as the term implies, became more than spiritual relationship to God and even more than simply a religion. It became a theocratic government, wielding power and...


09/11/2015 13:29

Chapter 1 - God

      Why should I call Thee Lord, Who art my God?                                    ...


09/11/2015 13:38

Chapter 2 - Image Bearers

    Crawlin about like a snail in the mud, Covered wi clammy blae, ME, made after the image o’ God - Jings! but it's laughable, tae....


10/02/2015 15:45

Chapter 3 - Covenant of Life

    “’Only of one tree eat not in Eden; (Alas the hour!) All save one I give to thy freewill, — The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.’...