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09/20/2022 10:41

Genesis (Study 9)—The Formation of Adam (Gen 2:7)

We have moved fully into Genesis 2 in our study. That means we crossed into verse 4, which actually begins what some consider the second (or more detailed) creation account, particularly concentrating on humankind. However, before we continue on, I’d like to point out a possibility for reading...


04/08/2019 06:08

Genesis (Study 8)—Creation Relationship #3: God with Humans (Gen 2:4–17)

We have discussed in detail now two major areas of image bearing. The first is the image bearing of structure, in which we humans are one in essence (physicality) and multiple in existence (each person bearing the attributes for the activities of comprehension, concurrence, and communication). This...


04/01/2019 06:34

Genesis (Study 7)—The Imaging of Imaging (Gen 1:26–28)

We are in a section of our outline of Genesis in which we are discussing the relationships God developed in the beginning. Let’s take a look at our outline so far. Introduction Section 1: The Story of Adam (1:1–11:26) Part 1: Creation (1:1–2:25) I.      The Creation by...


03/17/2019 13:40

Genesis (Study 6)—The Lesson of the Days (Gen 1:1–2:3)

Considering the days of creation, what if God’s intention was not about chronology at all? What if God was intent on teaching a lesson with the creation days instead of simply what was created first or second or fifth? I mean, God made light on day 1 and vegetation on day 3—to what spiritual...


03/04/2019 06:24

Genesis (Study 5)—The Days of Creation (Gen 1:1–2:3)

In the last discussion, when considering natural revelation, I pointed out that God reveals everything about himself to us, his creatures, based on the Romans 1:20 statement that both his divine nature and eternal power are revealed. I equated divine nature with God’s one essence of truth,...


02/24/2019 16:02

Genesis (Study 4)—The Great Three-in-One (Gen 1:1)

The Bible reveals that God is Trinity even here in the first chapter of Genesis. The word translated God is plural—Elohim—rather than the singular Eloah (although usually followed by a singular verb). But we don’t by the word alone understand God to be Trinity. After all, Trinity is not simply...


02/18/2019 11:36

Genesis (Study 3)—Who Is God? (1:1)

While Genesis 1 begins with the presumption of God, to read it intelligently requires that we know something about who this God is. One first thing we should understand about God is that he is infinite, and that too is one of the purposes for beginning the book declaring that God made everything....


02/12/2019 10:03

Genesis (Study 2)—In the Beginning (1:1)

Genesis begins with this verse: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” A first point of interest comes in what God created: the heavens and the earth. In our Christianese, we often say that, when we die, we will go to heaven, imagining heaven as that place or location where...


02/12/2019 10:02

Genesis (Study 1)— Introduction

Genesis truly is a book of beginnings. It presents to us the beginnings of the earth and universe; of humankind; and of relationship with God, each other, and the rest of God’s creation. It reveals truths about initial covenants, how image bearers broke relationship with God, and the great embrace...


11/19/2018 06:49

Romans (Part 53) – Greetings and Doxology (16:8–27)

Paul mentions several other people in his greetings. The next three appear to be close. He calls them dear friends and coworker. And that seems to contrast with Apelles who is mentioned as “approved in Christ,” showing appreciation without that close tie. Some have wondered whether Apelles is...