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12/18/2017 15:35

Romans (Part 24) – The Mind Agrees with the Law

We can understand God’s interaction with Israel mirroring his interaction with the human race better as we understand what Paul already spoke of in chapter 5 verses 13 and 14. There Paul argued that even though the Law had not yet been given, people from Adam to Moses all still died because of sin....


12/11/2017 08:34

Romans (Part 23) – The Law Awakens Sin

Romans 7 is one of those difficult chapters that force you into such a struggle to understand that you easily forget where Paul has been going in his argument up to this point. The marriage illustration of the first six verses seems to put the Law in a bad light. And therefore, verse 7 opens again...


11/06/2017 09:53

Romans (Part 22) – The Marriage Illustration

We have covered a lot of ground since last we listed our outline, so let’s take a look: Section 1: Introduction (1:1–17) Section 2: God’s Righteousness (1:18–5:21)             Part A: In COE: Judging TGB...


10/16/2017 08:07

Romans (Part 21) – Life: Following God’s Essence

Paul continues in the first half of chapter 6 speaking of this change in status that we have undergone by dying with Christ. Not only have we been baptized into his death, but “just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, so we too may walk in a new way of life” (6:4). The...


10/09/2017 09:00

Romans (Part 20) – Baptized into Christ

Although we are now moving into a new section, we cannot forget the line of thought that is propelling Paul forward. Let’s briefly summarize. Paul began in 1:16–17 with his theme—the gospel: Jesus is Lord. Jesus became Lord because humanity was dead—separated from God with no hope to overcome the...


10/02/2017 09:43

Romans (Part 19) – The Gift That Is Greater Than the Trespass

After expressing the strength of God’s gracious gift of reconciliation (which is the new life given through the death payment by Jesus and the faithful embrace for justification) in verses 5 through 11 of chapter 5, Paul goes back all the way to Adam to discuss how much greater is this gift than...


09/25/2017 08:06

Romans (Part 18) – Hope That Does Not Disappoint

As Paul is speaking of the results of justification in verses 1 and 2 of chapter 5, it appears he realizes that, while the truth of these glorious concepts may flood his readers’ vision, they will eventually get back to looking about them and seeing the persecution on the church by the Jews and by...


09/18/2017 07:15

Romans (Part 17) – The Promise of Faith

We continue in Part C of Section 2 of our outline. Recall that Section 2 concerns God’s Righteousness. Paul has been emphasizing this idea from the first chapter and will continue with it through chapter 5. We are in the portion of his discussion concerning justification by faith (3:21–5:3). Paul...


09/11/2017 05:17

Romans (Part 16) – Abraham, the Example

By the end of chapter 3, Paul has made his point that boasting in the flesh (being a Jew) has no merit in showing Covenant of Life relationship with God. You are not in right covenant standing with God simply because you are a Jew. Therefore, holding up markers of being a Jew (circumcision and the...


08/28/2017 05:49

Romans (Part 15) – Works Versus Faith

It is not until verse 24 that we begin to see righteousness in connection to believers. In this verse, we learn that the believing sinners can be justified freely by God’s grace through the redemption of Jesus. We must recall again that to justify means to declare righteous. Therefore, it is based...