Topic: Comments and Questions

Date: 01/29/2016

By: David Johnson

Subject: Existence of God

There are a number of things on this website that are very interesting, but the articles Apologetics: Copleston-Russell Debate (1948) - Part 1 The Argument from Contingency and Apologetics: Copleston-Russell Debate (1948) - Part 2 The Religious Experience and Moral Argument are distinctively unenlightening and boring. It seems that the best argument for the existence of God would be to simply point out the different people who have seen God, spoken to God and were spoken to by God; as well as the testimonies that when people do or live as God has commanded, it works just as He says it will. I suppose this is too obvious for the intellectual approach. However, if living the gospel in mortality works as advertised, it is much easier to have faith that it will work as advertised after this life.